Charlie - 8,5 meter of raw power

All our boats are easy to own but Charlie takes
the price, because she can be trailered.

Charlie HTC

  • LoA: 8,85m
  • WoA: 2,45m
  • Dry weight: 2260kg
  • Maximum HP: 600
  • Top speed: 50kn+
  • Passengers: 8
  • Sea category: C
Charlie HT
An open version of the HTC.
She is an modern version of the classic 90´s hard top boats.
With all what we stand for, low maintenance, fast, agile, rigid, tough. 

Charlie ht

  • LoA: 8,85m
  • WoA: 2,45m
  • Dry Weight: 1850kg
  • Maximum HP: 600
  • Top Speed: 50kn+
  • Passengers: 8
  • Sea category: C
The big sofa transforms to a mega-size bed with the removable table, transforming this little daycruiser to a small yacht.
Charlie HT is an absolute jewel of a boat.
With an closed cabin, driving position inside and out you get an perfect all year cruiser.
Thanks to clever minimalist design she can be trailered on a 3500kg trailer.
She is still a very rigid boat with 5mm hull, 4mm superstructure and thick safety glass.
She comes as standard with Linex deck and fender, painted hull, hydraulic engine hoist, ultra-sound hull, a proper R/F sound system, refrigerator, seating for 6 on aft deck, beds for 4 inside. She is the ultimate all year cruiser for the small family. 

With her minimalistic but spacious interior you can fit all your family for days out on the water. 
With comforts such as pantry, bed for two adults and two more on the bid beddable sofa in the aft.

charlie cabin

She will not win any poker runs, beauty contests or drag races.
What she will win is your heart, taking care of you and your family for decades.
With her 5/8mm thick hull, and 11mm glass, ultrasound hull and hydraulic engine lift, boating does not get much more easy. You don´t have to do anything. Use the boat, take care of your outboard and that´s it.
Maybe change some anodes once every 3 years.
  • LoA: 8,55m
  • WoA: 2,49m
  • Maximum HP: 350
  • Top Speed: 45kn
  • Dry Weight: 2110kg
  • Passengers: 6
  • Sea category: C
Charlie Cabin.
Our first model ever to come out from our drawing table.
She is the lowest of maintenance boats we have ever developed.
Here you do not get fancy sound systems, big sun-beds, kitchen and such.
This is a boat for transport. She will get you and your family from A to B in a comfortable and safe manner.
Finished with the boat for the season? Leave her in her berth and go home. She takes care of herself.
Even though she is as compact as a tank she still holds two separate beds, a large sofa in the  bow and a massive aft deck.
The massive fully welded hatch to down below is secured by a big padlock. No one can enter this boat without that key.
The pollards are strong enough to lift the boat in, so if you decide to take her up, you can lift the entire boat in ONE pollard.

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