Nowhere in t he world will you find anything similar

Bravo, durability, luxury and low maintenance, all in one

The base of Rawhide and over 16.000 hours by the drawing table and well over 200 different models were designed before we were pleased.
Welcome to Victum Bravo, the base of our company.


Bravo II Facts:

  • LoA: 12,55m
  • WoA: 3,35m
  • DW: 3950kg
  • Top Speed: 50kn+
  • Beds: 4
  • Cabins: 2
  • Maximum hp: 1200
  • Sea category: B - Offshore

Bravo 2, an mix of stealth fighter, workboat and family cruiser.
With beds for 4 adults, big sofas, both inside and our. Here your whole family and friends can enjoy the very spacious and robust interior.
She is the only hard top boat in her size that offer a "flybridge" driving position.
Here you have full visibility round the boat while controlling 1200hp with your right hand and push this boat over 50 knots.


Bravo Cabin Facts

  • LoA: 10,5m
  • WoA: 3,2m
  • DW: 2950kg
  • Top Speed: 50kn+
  • Beds: 4
  • Cabins: 1
  • Maximum hp: 700
  • Sea category: C

Our first model to ever been shown to the world back in 2016.
Here we take the meaning "maintenance free" to a whole new level.
Apart from some routinely services on your outboards, there is nothing to be done to the boat itself. 
The anodes can be changed in the water, the cabin itself is basically a house roof so there is no need to worry about snow and ice.
The very minimalistic interior combined with the bare basics of electrics ensure this boat will highly unlikely have any faults. Just jump in, start and go. Always.

And from the base of Bravo, comes Rawhide,
the most brutal work boats in her class

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