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"An open boat that by the looks of it could be run over by tank and come out unharmed until you realise it tops out at almost 50 knots" - Hamnen.se


Our first boat to ever hit the water.

We had one goal, to design and build the most easy to own boat in the world.
We spent years on hull design, layout and systems.

This boat offers a near-to-none maintenance. Capable of laying stuck in ice, so no need for dry docking in the
She has a 5mm ultra strong aluminium hull and many clever systems to make sure you get as simple ownership as possible.

  • Reinforced hull to cope with ice
  • Thick keel for protection and strength
  • Hydraulic engine hoist for safe winter storage of your outboard
  • Big self drainage openings
  • High grade aluminium to avoid corrosion
  • Tow pillar capable of 2960kg
  • CNC milled pollards capable of 3450kg each
  • Weight stabilisation system
  • Always drained cup holders and glove boxes

The hull is developed to be a comfortable all year cruiser, even through some rougher seas but in the same time be economical to drive.
We are first in the world to try a hull like this, wave-cleaver, keel AND negative air-steps.

Short facts with a 200hp Suzuki AP:
(15,5x24x4 prop)

  • Top speed: 41,3 knots (2 people and 200L Fuel)
  • Cruising speed: 24-34 knots
  • Top speed at full load: 36,2 knots
  • Eco speed: 23,2 knots: 16,2 lph. 0,702 L/Nm

*Test with 175L fuel, two people and ca 80kg extra load



Our follow-up model of the 700.
She is a bigger, faster, and even more economical version of our first boat.
LoA: 7,52m
WoA: 2,25m
DW: 1460kg
Maximum HP: 500
Top Speed: 50+

The perfect sea going tank, for fast personnel transport.
With even sharper hull, more economical and bigger than before. We can promise you a reliable partner in all weathers.
Here you can sit at least 3 people on the bow, 2 people in the suspended seats and another 4 people in the sofa in the stern.
This is the result after 7 years of design, 1 prototype and tens of thousand of hours of work.
Welcome, to a new type of ownership.

Charlie CCR

The ultimate summer cruiser, fast, rigid, comfortable.
She is developed with American bowriders in mind. She is designed to bring as many people out in the sun at the same time.
With comforts such as a massive 120cm bed in the console, air-conditioning, a massive Rockford Fosgate sound system, refrigerator, suspended seats, cup-holders everywhere etc. You have the perfect summer party boat.
But as always, this boat doesn't hesitate to go out during the winter, piloting you out through the snow. 
The deck is obviously self drained and can be heated so she can stay in the water all year round. 

  • Length over all: 8,9m
  • Width over all: 2,62m
  • Maximum HP: 600
  • Top speed: 50kn +
  • Dry weight: 3150kg
  • Number of beds: 1 (120cm wide)
  • Maximum passengers: 8

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