Victum fx17

When normal is not an option

17 meter of prestige, comfort and power

The FX17 is an all-new model from Victum Marine,
where we take our great knowledge from our
smaller boats and put it in a bigger body.
We still, even though she is a smaller yacht never
forget our basic rules: Efficiency, low
maintenance, durability and comfort.
We have our own developed hull that has been
proven to use up to 24% less fuel than a conventional
v-type hull.
Our double negative airsteps pushes the water
under the boat rather out to the sides, pushing the
boat forward, increasing lift and forward thrust.
Giving the operator a more silent driving experience
and lower fuel consumption.
Designed for government use, customised to civil use.
This boat has the same features as our smaller work
and pleasure boats, to make sure she is demanding
as little as possible from her owner.
We use systems like: Hydraulic engine lifts,
ultrasound hull, heating in deck, sharp angles makes
winter cover unnecessary. This boat is designed to
stay all year round in the sea. Saving the owner a lot
of maintenance cost every year. Frozen water can
never damage the hull. So, she can lay stuck in ice,
all season.
Designed for government use, customed to civil use.
• LoA: 16,95m
• WoA: 4,35m
• DW: 11,700kg
• Maximum KW: 2250
• Top Speed: 50+ Knots
• Fuel capacity: 2400L (2x1200L)
• Hull type: 18 degree with twin airsteps.
• Hull thickness: 6/8/10mm
• Sea category: B – Offshore
On aft deck we have managed to make a big yacht
feeling regarding space.
When not accommodating guests, the back rests
of the sofas can be folded down, the hydraulic
table put in position, and you make a 4sqm big
loading deck for example jet-ski or small tender.
With a small crane onboard, you make stuff like
this even easier. Turning your mini yacht to a
workboat, within minutes.
On the transom, up to 4 outboards can be bolted
on our own patented hydraulic lifts.
These separate lifts raises your precious
outboards 600mm and therefore out of the water.
Making them were a lot less from salt, remove all
risk from getting damage from ice etc.
All deck spaces is painted with a rubber-like
material called Linex. Making it near impossible to
slip, even when snow is covering the boat.
On the bow of the boat you have massive open
space, for water activities, sunbathing and social
The massive double 3,1sqm each big sunbeds is a
feature that is rarely seen on rigid aluminium boats
like this. You must go up to big plastic yachts to get
even close to this.
On the sides you can hang a foldable diving ladder
making water games fun and safe.
The ladder is safely stored under one of the
mattresses when not in use.
Under the other mattress there is an emergency
exit and roof hatch. The mattress has a sown in
area so that the hatch can be opened even with the
mattresses strapped down.
The ultra duty pollards as a class of their own,
capable of forces up to 6,5 tonnes each.
On each side of the cabin there is 54cm wide side
decks, making moving around on the boat safe and
On top of the cabin there is a 1,7x2,4m big sunroof.
This can be electronically darkened when sun is
too hot.
The top of cabin is painted in a reflective material
to keep the sun from heating the cabin.
This together with a 105mm thick roof insulation
guarantees a great ambient temperature in all
seasons and climate.
On top of that so comes this boat with natural air-
condition. Taking the cold sea water and
transforms this to pleasant inside air temperature,
in all cabins, but using almost none electricity and
can never be heard. It´s just there, if you want it.
On each side of the cabin roof, you have thick
welded handlebars all the way along the cabin.
Since this model is designed to be an interceptor,
she must have a lot of space onboard. This has now
been converted to a yacht-style comfort. With light
materials, open space and a lot of headroom.
In all walkable areas in the boat, you have minimum
243cm of headroom.
Together with the size of the boat and clever
interior design, we can guarantee 7 beds onboard,
in comfort.
In the bow of the boat, you find a master cabin
with a 120cm wide V-bed, in the galley there is a
fully equipped pantry with dishwasher, a big
refrigerator, double burner stove, massive storage
and a big stainless sink.
Heading up in the 90cm wide staircase you enter
the main bridge, here 6 people sit comfortable in
separate suspended seats.
The big windows ensure great visibility for both
driver/navigator and passengers.
Behind passangers seats you go down to a large
washroom equipped with toilet and shower.
Opposite the kitchen below deck, you find a big U-sofa
accommodating 8 guests.
This sofa is beddable with the table making an extra
150x220cm bed.
Behind the sofa and in under the navigator seat there is
another 220x90cm wide bed. Here two children can
crawl in and have their own little space. Still in contact
with the other guests onboard.
On main bridge the navigator have their own seat, with
full access to the boats systems. This location is
equipped with extendable charts table and reading
Behind the passenger seats you can go down to the
most aft cabin.
In this cabin there is a 220x120cm bed, wetbar and a
small refrigerator.
With big windows close to the waterline, you get a nice
feeling of being close to the sea.

Standard Equipment

-4x Hyd. Engine lift (600mm)
-Welded pollards
-4x starter battery
-4x Aux. battery
-Victron shore power system
-Nav. System (Raymarine Pro+
-Digital Switching system
-Running heating
-Station heating
-1x Suspended driver's seat
-1x Suspended navigator´s seat
-4x Suspended passengers' seat
-Bow thruster (160kg)
-Painted hull
-Bilge pumps, electric
-Bilge pumps manual
-Diving ladders
-Work lights
-Cushions – outside – Silvertex
-Helm station outside
-Rockford Fosgate- 8800W Sound system
-Fully equipped kitchen
-Alcantara interior lining
-Natural AC
-Toilet with 150L septic tank
-Hydraulic table aft deck
-Linex covered deck surfaces
-Linex fender

Price: Contact us for quotation

Extra Equipment

-Folded in crane, aft deck
-Ullman Daytona seats
-Engine hood with sunbed
-Tow pillar
-Remote locking
-Deck heating
-42” tv in master cabin
-Hydraulic table, aft deck
-Shower, aft deck
-Sun cover bow deck
-Sun cover aft deck
-Hydraulic Passarella
(can not be fitted with crane installed)
-Composite teak deck

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Our own designed hidden crane

Do i really need arguments for this?
Why would you not want a crane on the boat? Even better, a crane that is hidden when you don´t need it..
This little marvel of engineering lifts 600kg at 3,5 meter, easily enough for a big jet-ski or tender.
Fold the benches down and you have a area big enough for both.

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