the design

-No winter coverage 
-No dry storage 
-No winterization 
-Low service intervalls 
-Natural automatic Air-condition 
-Low drag
-Fuel efficient 
-Extremely strong 

how it all came to be

We have always found that covering boats is a mess, either a costly shrink-wrap, a very demanding aluminum frame with plastic tarp or no cover at all with the risk of water collects in the boat and freezes.
Therefor we built a boat that can do without all of that. The sharp angles make sure everytning pours of, the structure is strong and the boat has a lot of room.
The hull is designed to withstand laying in ice, so there is no need to take it up during the colder months. 
The outboards are easy access to make routine service, no need to pick up for that either. 
We calculate that you have to take the boat up once every 3 years. 
With her ultra-sonic hull there is no need to anti-faul, what sticks falls of when driving.
Powerful solar-cells and a automatic electric system make sure the batteries are charged, water pumped out and the moisture in the boat is kept away. 
We use the most sofisticated software available to produce the most efficient and comfortable hull as possible. 
These render and CAD programs is what is used by NASA and serious movie producers. To see how the particles move around the hull. 
We take no short-cuts. 

Not a new boat, a  completely new idea

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