A power tool for the comfortable owner

How it all came to be

Victum was born in a strange time, where the world is going electric, Cars are getting more comfortable, fast, easy to own. Mopeds and motorcycles are getting cheaper and better.
Boats however has been on a standstill. Most boats are sloppy made, uncomfortable, noisy, ugly, has stone age technology compared to cars. And worst of all, they demand a lot of care.

I have been working with boats for the greater part of my adult life and could never stop thinking, why are boats today so old fashioned and bad?

While covering my 70th boat in the autumn in 2017, I thought to myself: There must be a better way to build a boat.
While covering one of my last boats for the season I noticed a shape on the small motorboats, they get like a shape of a house roof when applying shrink wrap, which is the whole idea, to let snow and water drain of. In that moment I had an idea, to design a boat that already looks like that.

I also always have had my boats in the sea during winter and decided to make it even better. It should be designed to withstand laying stuck in ice. No covering and no dry storage. Just like that I have removed 50% of what’s important with owning a boat.



We have ve designed a boat that can lay in the sea for 3 years with basically no care at all.
The ultra-strong and different design of the hull can never be destroyed by crushing ice. The pressure from the ice is never greater inwards than the force generating upwards. So, in worst case scenario the boat will be pushed up on the ice.

Once every 3 years the boat must be drydocked and put on land to change impellers in the outboards. Oil-change and standard engine service is easily done in the sea from the open design platform.


All Victum boats are insulated and heated, so they can provide a comfortable journey even in the colder months. They have strong fins in front of the engines to protect from chunks of ice. The same insulation that keeps the boat warm in the winter, also keeps it cool in the summer.


The environment is sensitive subject today and companies are trying to be more responsible in their products.
We cannot make these boats electric yet due to weight and cost, so we are building with the smallest overall footprint as possible, with material from the same region, with as little Asian electrical components as possible.

And I see it as the biggest problem with the world today is consumption. Buy cheap and then buy new again. Our boats are built to live out a human life, so there will be less manufacturing and less pollution. While keeping the market demanding and quality high.


Victum isn’t just an interesting looking boat with low service. They have several innovations to improve user experience.
All our boats are equipped with our own patent pending ultrasound hull. A small device that emits vibrations in the hull, making it harder for grass and sea animals to stick to the hull. This is good for the environment thanks to the no usage of harmful antifouling paint and the wallet.

They have fixed bolts to the engines, so it can be changed in the water without leaking water.


When we build a boat, we take our time. 
Our boats are not mass-produced or even built by a very large crew. 
Our partner have a few dedicated welders that take pride in their work and so do we. 

Nowhere in the world, will you find a boat in this price range built this way. 

Welcome to a different type of boat. 

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