Possibly the meanest Hard Top boats in the world

  • LoA: 10,8m
  • WoA: 3,2m
  • Dry weight: 3,800kg
  • Maximum hp: 1300
  • Cabins: 2 + bow
  • Number of beds: 3 double 
  • Number of seats outside: 12 + driver and navigator
  • Number of seats inside: 8 + driver and navigator 
  • Storage outside: 1800L 
  • Hull thickness: 5mm 
  • Superstructure thickness: 3 & 4 mm
  • Glass thickness: 11mm hardened 
  • Toilet compatible: Yes 
  • Top speed: 50knots + ( with maximum hp) 
  •  Cruising speed: 30-35 knots
  • Range: 330Nm 

Victum Bravo HT is a beast of a boat. This boat is nothing for the subtle or shy owner, because people will notice you. This boat is for the big family who likes to spend days, even weeks out on the sea. This boat will accommodate you and your friends in power, comfort and speed. With the high riding driving posititon outside you get the feeling of driving a flybridge. With a 30cm high and 200cm wide center console in front of you, you can get every toy imaginable on there.

6 people sleep comfortable in the 3 divided beds in the cabin. Two 100cm beds in separate cabins in the middle with big windows towards the sea and a big double 160cm wide bed in the front in a shape of a V. 

On aft deck, you and 11 guests sit comfortably and enjoy the smell of the sea or listening to the 4200w, 14 speaker sound system who can make even your best neighbor genuinely dislike you.  Under the sofa in the stern you find two refrigerators, each swallowing 80L.   

Same as all our boats, this one stays in the sea for 3 years straight, no drydocking, no winter cover, no winterization, No headache. This particular boat  is, according to me, the perfect boat. Fast, comfortable, brutal looking design, near to zero maintenance, sleeping accommodations and fun to drive. 

Boats in the pictures have non-standard equipments

Price from: 2.195.000sek 

Our models of the HT

Bravo HT Supersport 

50 knots plus
Price from: 2,695.000Sek 

Bravo HT 

40 knot top speed 
Maximum 900hp 
More work-related rather than family cruiser 
Crane compatible 

Price from: 2,150.000Sek 


  • LoA: 8,9m
  • Woa: 2,65m
  • DW: 3550kg
  • Maximum HP: 600
  • Top speed: 50+

750 HT

  • LoA: 7,5m
  • WoA: 2,25m
  • DW: 1560kg
  • Maximum HP: 400
  • Top speed: 40+
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