The optimal all-year workboat.
With this craft by your side, you will never have to compromise. Plow though the early winters ice, transport the entire family and package in one go, going away for long periods of time, no matter what. This mean girl will help you always.
With a 5 and 8 mm thick wavepiercing, double negative air-stepped hull, you get a strong, comfortable and economical boat to drive. All year round.
The console can be equipped with a tiny bed, a toilet or just massive storage. Depending on what you may need it for.

  • LoA: 750cm
  • WoA: 233cm
  • Dry weight: 1640kg
  • Maximum hp: 400
  • Number of beds: 1
  • Maximum passangers: 6
  • Top speed: 50 knots +


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