We understand you have a lot of questions. 
Do these boats exist? Where are they made? How do I actually buy one?

Welcome to Victum Marine AB

Victum are a totally new type of boat, nothing the world have ever seen before.
We use experience from the past to build a boat for the future. 
Therefor, it has taken some time to design these boats and we are not rushing anything. 
These boats are waiting for their first customer to understand just how much of a great vessel this is. We are not a massively founded company and sell only on demand. You buy, we build. 
If you are seriously interested, here is how it works. 

Our boats are produced in Estonia and come with a 7 year warranty. 
They sell via our Swedish Ltd. (AB) Company located in Stockholm Center. Org. Nr: 559029-8096

First you pick the model you find best suited for you needs, email a seller in your region and we will contact you for further conversation. 
We always demand full contact info before spending any time on inquiries. 
Before signing, we meet at one of our offices and look at the paperwork. 
Finance and installments are available. 

Find this interesting? Contact us on our Contact us page