Transport lots of people, fast

Lmax: 10,52m
LH: 9,52m
LwL: 8,9m
Bmax: 2,39m
BwL. 2,1m
Dry Weight: 3890Kg
Weight 700hp: 4476kg
Weight 900hp: 4540kg
Draft boat: 54cm
Draft prop. 67cm
Hight from waterline: 166cm
Hull angle stern: 22 degrees
Rated engine hp: 2x 450hk
Maximum load: 1940kg
Total weight: 6480kg
Passengers: 12 + 4 personell 

This boat is solely designed to transport big groups of people fast and comfortable. This is not a "jump in the waves" type of boat. This arrow sharp 60 knot craft will go right through the most. Giving you passengers perhaps a rather "boring" journey. But reaching their destination dry, fast and without backpain. 

A boat for professionals. Are you looking for a boat to play with and fool around in some swell, look somewhere else. 

With her unique driving position you are well protected from wind, spray or accidents. With arm support for throttle arm and suspended driver and navigator seat you can spend days driving without getting tired in the body. 

In the stern of the boat you have a nice full-width sofa with side support and a table with rigid handlebars in front. 

Inside the table you have a big storage compartment on top and a drawer below, both of these can be used as cold storage with an auxiliary compressor. 

Behind the sofa we have, a world first designed a "car-like" boot, for transporting heavy bags or equipment. This moves the weight backwards in the boat and protects is from weather on the least bumpy place onboard. 


On the bow deck, you find 2, 2,8 meter long benches with handlebars for back support and something to hold on to. These can be fitted with stuffed cushions for comfort. 

Inside these benches you will find a storage compartment for every seat. So all passengers can have their belongings close to them. 

Price from: 1,695,000Sek 

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