Victum UHD700 "the Ultra Heavy Duty"

The Victum 700 is nothing the world have ever seen. 
She is a 7 meter, all welded , floating tank. 

With a boat like this you will get to whatever destination you want, in one piece. 
She can guarantee you a comfortable  journey all in all seasons, little bit of ice? No problem, Semi high seas? No problem. 
Her double air-stepped, wavepiercing hull can withstand the most. 
Thanks to our own designed air-steps you get a fantastic fuel economy on almost all speeds. 
With as low as 0,6 L/ Nm in 24 knots. 
With her top speed of almost 50 knots you can be sure to reach your destination in time and in one piece. 


  1.  Length Over All: 7,2 meter 
  2.  Width Over All: 2,1 meter 
  3. Dry weight: 1360kg 
  4. Maximum load: 1200kg 
  5. Maximum passengers: 8
  6. Top speed: 50+ knots 
  7. Maximum HP: 250 
  8. Hull thickness: 5mm
  9. Superstructure thickness: 4mm
  10. Hull type: Double air stepped - wavepiercing
  11. Hull deadrice: 16 degrees aft, 160 degrees bow

With her long and low hull you sit with a good view over the sea, have very easy access to the boat when moored but her lifted bow protects you from the sea. 

With a custom made foam fender covered in the most durable rubber material known to man, Linex, we can promise you that this boat will keep her shape for as many years as she floats. 


Wherever you will go, people will notice this boat. 
Her design is nothing similar elsewhere in the world. 
The heavy, single-piece carefully bent sides makes her as strong as she looks. 
This is not a boat you want to end up in a dogfight with. She will probably always win. 

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